[Video] Pantene collabs with NFL Dads for their ‘Strong is Beautiful’ Campaign

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When your dad is an NFL player and can do your hair, he’s a real champ! Pantene recently launched a beautiful campaign in collaboration with the NFL fathers to receive insight on their relationships with their daughters. In the campaign reel it states that girls who have a relationship with their father tend to be stronger women. Well, in the video it sure did seem like the bond between the fathers and their daughters were unbreakable! Despite how busy and demanding their football careers are, the men still have cute and sentimental moments with their daughters.

“If you’re a father and you only have so many hours in a day, maybe doing their hair is one of the things you can do to connect with them and build the relationship,” said Benjamin Watson as he attempted to put pigtails in his daughter’s hair.

The campaign is called ‘Strong is Beautiful’, and it highlights four NFL fathers doing a “Dad-Do” on their daughters hair! Watch some of the fathers as they humorously attempt to do their daughters hair below and tell us about your best father/daughter moments!

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