Top tips to finding the perfect pair of jeans

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If you’re anything like me, or any of my friends, then you probably kind of dread jean shopping. Not because you don’t love jeans and the possibility of finding the perfect silhouette fitting pair, but because of the greater chance of not finding a good pair and wasting your precious time. Well, lucky you, I’ve done some online research, some trying on myself, and some trying on with friends, and compiled some options for any body type! The days of easy breezy jean shopping is upon you!

So to first clear up the rules of jean shopping…there are no rules! When you go shopping never assume that there is a certain style that will fit you. Just because you are curvy doesn’t mean you can’t fit petite styles, and just because you are petite doesn’t mean that you can’t fit the curvy styles. Browse around, try on different styles and washes.

Throughout this process, if you pay attention to the inseam of the jean it could make jean shopping a lot easier. The length of the inseam is from the crotch to the bottom of the leg, or wherever you want your jean to stop. Kick Crop jeans would have a shorter inseam, than a flare leg jean. If you are taller, you would want a longer inseam and if you are shorter you would want a shorter inseam.


You should also pay attention to the measurements of the hip and waist of the jean. It doesn’t take any time to measure yourself, and it would help you out a lot if you are having a hard time shopping for jeans.

Now I know what you may be thinking, this sounds a lot easier than it is to actually do. That may be because you’re shopping at the wrong places. Different brands make their jeans different ways. There are no standards for jean measurements, and although some brands use the same denim, they may not measure the same out of their warehouse. The size you wear in one brand; you may not wear in another. For a shorter inseam, try Loft, Levi, Topshop, Gap and New York and Company.

Each of these places has a good collection of jeans for the petite women who are shorter and may have an inseam under 30 inches (5’5 and under). Banana Republic, Lucky Brand, H&M, Loft and Levi all have longer than average inseams that are over 34 inches for the taller woman (5’7 and over).

Now, for the curvy woman who is more full-figured in the hip and/or waist area, I would recommend Eddie Bauer, Levi, Gap, Calvin Klein, and Style & Co. These brands are divided by, how I believe, they fit and how I have been told they may fit best– but never hesitate to shop other brands not recommended to your size to give them a try! As you can see Levi are timeless and universal. They work for a wide variety, even men and children!

Everything in life is easier if you’re given some tips first, especially jeans shopping! So I have some here to lead you down the right path.

  1. Look for jeans that have some Lycra mix in the fabric, it’ll help keep jean fit and comfort.
  2. Don’t limit yourself to certain brand/styles
  3. Buy distressed jeans don’t make them unless that’s your forte
  4. Embellishments are better on the front of your jeans never the pockets
  5. Sit down in your jeans before purchase to check the crotch area (rise) and to check that your bottom will stay covered
  6. Skinny jeans always loosen up on the ankle after a few wears
  7. If you find a perfect pair, buy two!
  8. Do a butt check. Does it look nice?
  9. Stay in your price range, there’s a good jean out there for every budget although if you have a bit of budget range, the perfect jean has no price!
  10. Do research and look at reviews!


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