Top Five Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy!

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Every girls lives for long, shiny and healthy hair! Sometimes during our hectic lives it becomes hard to maintain that wild mane of our, but here are a few tips that will help you keep those luscious locks.


1. Don’t dye your hair too often: We know that color gives life to our hair, but it could also damage it in the process. Beware of colors that cause your hair to become dry, and break off.

2. Eat a good diet: Your hair growth starts at the root, which means it’s important to keep your body healthy as well.

3. Don’t wash your hair everyday: Washing and conditioning your hair every day strips the nutrients from the hair follicle and makes it harder to retain moisture.

4. Do not get a trim every 4-6 weeks: If you are trying to grow your hair out it’s better to get a trim only when needed. Every 15 weeks should be a good estimate!

5. Leave oil in your hair overnight: This is great for the Winter months in you live in a cold climate area. After you leave the oil in over night, shampoo the next morning and prepare your hair for a deep conditioning.

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