Top 5 Dates to go on this winter!

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It’s never too cold to still go out and have fun with your significant other! Here are the top five dates you and your love bug should go on during this snowy season.


1. Ice Skating: This is always a fun and perfect activity to do during this cold weather. Ice skating with you boyfriend/girlfriend is definitely a must, following a nice cuddle session by the fire, along with hot chocolate to warm up!


2. Movie Date: If you refuse to stay out of the cold, the movies is always the way to go! Checking out a great romantic comedy, or action filled flick will make any date worthwhile.


3. Putting up the decorations: If spending money just isn’t in your budget at the moment, you can always find chill things to do together at home. Getting your significant other to help you decorate for Christmas is such a cute way to bond and have a great time. You could even bake cookies in the process.


4. Winter Wonder Fest: Where ever you are in the world, there’s always a winter wonder fest coming near you! Going out to the fest, and participating in the different activities will leave you and your partner with never-ending ways to enjoy your day out.


5. Shopping: Heading out to the mall for a nice shopping date is always a good way to have fun, and find great gifts for family and friends in the process. Visiting different stores, and searching for items will make you aware of what your partner is into and totally opposed! Be on the look out, you might even spot their potential gift right before your eyes!

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