Top 4 Ways to Jump Start on Summer Internships!

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By now you’ve probably settled into your 2017 flow. For a lot of you, Spring semester is in full effect and you may already be daydreaming of your Summer plans.

While the Summer is typically a time to relax after a crazy busy year, it’s the perfect time to dive into an internship that could push you further on your dream career path.

For most summer internships, your first day could be as early as May or June. We just hit March (already!) so intern application deadlines are fast approaching.
Here are some minor things you can do now to guarantee a major internship this summer:


Make a List of Your Dream Companies –

Before sending out your applications, you want to be aware of what companies even offer internships. You can easily find this by doing a quick Google search of “(company name) summer internships”. The first few results gives you an idea of what intern positions are open and deadlines to get your application in.


Perk Up Your Resume –

Building your resume is easier than ever thanks to this oh-so digital generation. Sites like Pinterest provide links to sources where you can download free resume templates. You can also see what info you may be missing and what you probably should leave out.


Keep in Mind Your Preferences –

  • Do you want college credit for the internship? You more than likely will have to cover the tuition for those credits.
  • Is it a paid position? Some extra cash in the summer is great of course! But don’t turn down a great internship because it’s unpaid.
  • How many days and how many hours are you willing to dedicate? Some internships may only have you two days a week. Some are similar to full-time jobs and you’re scheduled like a 9 to 5.


Apply ASAP and Follow-Up –

Once you tweak your resume and iron out all the details of spending your summer as an intern, send off your materials before the respective deadlines. The earlier the better! You don’t want your applications at the bottom of the pile and possibly overlooked. Once the deadline hits, give a call or send a quick email to your potential employer simply expressing your interest and getting your name on their radar.


By the time Fall comes, you’ll have a great answer to “what did you this summer?”

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