Top 10 Grammy Moments

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The Grammys came with a lot this year, blonde wigs, fashion show stoppers, and most notably, different calls to action. Check out my list of the “Top Ten Grammy Moments” this year.

  1. Sia is never one to disappoint in terms of the visual artistry she delivers in her music and she came with nothing less at the Grammys.


  1. Kanye West recreated the infamous MTV video music award scene, circa 2009, between him and Taylor Swift, when Beck won “Album of the Year”. However, the move to steal Beck’s thunder proved to be just a fake out and ended in fits of laughter from the audience.



  1. Sam Smith pretty much stormed the stage as the “Stay With Me” star won four awards, including “Song of the Year”.



  1. Rihanna made a fashion splash in a big, pink, princess-y way. There were countless memes making fun of the star’s dress, but I for one respect her. She is only one who could have pulled that dress off and she’s not afraid to take giant leaps when it comes to fashion. She’s constantly pushing the envelope, which is something most “fashionistas” are afraid to do.


Getty Images

Getty Images


  1. Kanye made his return to the Grammy stage with a song dedicated to his daughter. It’s so beautiful to see a man so in love with his child.



  1. This happened.

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Madonna could care less what anyone thinks and I love her for it!

  1. Brooke Axtell introduced Katy Perry by discussing a previous abusive relationship, stating that abuse was not authentic love.



  1. The “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” game was strong this year at the Grammys.  Both Pharrell and Common, in his performance with John Legend, used their platform to convey a powerful message.


  1. Prince said, “Albums, like books and black lives, still matter.”



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  1. Obama also used his platform to discuss the ever present issue of rape culture, and called for a stop to it.



What were some of your guys’ top Grammy moments?


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