Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts When Meeting the Family for the first time!

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If you’re meeting your significant other’s family for the first time, this could be an extremely nerve wrecking and pressured time. You always want to make sure you make a great first impression, because let’s face it, that’s how you’re going to be remember. Since the holidays are coming up, we have gotten together our top 10 do’s and don’ts to reassure that your first impression is a great one!


1. DO SMILE: This might seem like something simple, but it can be forgotten at times during a stressful moment! Don’t show your nerves, embrace them. Show your polite side. This will make you more comfortable and less tense. Essence Magazine found a study that shows that the act of smiling can actually trick the brain into a better mood and relieve stress, so you can feel cool, calm and in control when you meet their family.  Make sure you show those pearly whites!


2. DON’T BECOME MUTE: The point of meeting your partner’s family is to interact, not to crawl into a shell! Be active and participate in conversations. Don’t force it though, let it come naturally. When you break down that wall of nerves you’ll be able to find out that you might have more in common with certain family members than you think.


3. DO ARRIVE ON TIME: The last thing you want you significant other’s family members to think is that you run late for everything. Showing up on time will show how much you care, and how open you are to meeting their family. This will also work into presenting a great first impression as well, so make sure you get all your errands done in advance!


4. DON’T OVER DO IT: Showing up TOO early can give off the wrong impression. Give the family time to prepare for their guests to arrive; don’t rush them. By showing up too early this could make things awkward for you and the family because they aren’t expecting you. Also, just be yourself. Don’t go overboard with the jokes trying to impress the parents too much. Go with the flow, and let things fall in line.


5. DO BRING A GIFT: This doesn’t have to be anything big. This could be as simple as a card or gift basket to warm up their holiday. A kind gesture like this will show how much you considered the families thoughts on meeting you for the first time. It never hurts to spread the holiday cheer!


6. DON’T CROSS BOUNDARIES: Acting like you know more about the family than you really do can be a huge turn off! Make sure you don’t cross certain boundaries that the family might not feel comfortable discussing with you yet. Let things be a constant build up. The more you come around, the more your relationship with your partner’s family will grow. No need to rush it!


7. DO CARE ABOUT YOUR APPEARANCE: You don’t have to over-do it, but make sure you look presentable. This doesn’t mean wearing a suit and tie fellas, or wearing a dress to your ankles ladies. This also doesn’t mean showing up like you just rolled out of bed either. Take pride in your appearance, and dress to impress.


8. DON’T GET DRUNK: This doesn’t mean become a “Sober Sally”, but being as wasted as you would be with your friends is never ideal. You can have a drink here and there, but don’t over do it. You might end up showing a side that you aren’t ready to reveal yet.


9. DO OFFER TO CLEAN UP AFTER: Offering to help out after the festivities is something that shows you’re a team player! Helping out with the dishes, or taking out the trash says a lot about your respect for the family and your relationship with their son or daughter.


10. DO REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN: Although this time can be nerve wrecking, don’t forget to have fun and be yourself. This will make things easier for you, and more excited about seeing the family as time progresses! Stay positive and happy holidays

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