Teyana Taylor talks love, career & conflict with RollingOut.com!

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I can honestly say that at first I was a little on the fence when it came to Teyana Taylor. I wasn’t sure what her plans were as an artist, or even if she was still pursuing music until she dropped her new song ‘Maybe’ (which I’m currently obsessed with by the way). Pretty much the last thought I had of her was when her and Rihanna got into that feud on Instagram and Twitter, which was so pointless to me. All and all, I say that to say this — my mind has been changed about her after reading her interview with rollingout.com.


(via rollingout.com)

(via rollingout.com)


In the interview she talks love, career and conflict…also touching on her her debut album VII.

(via rollingout.com)

On why she named her album VII

“Seven is the number of completion,” Taylor says of the meaning behind her debut album. “Seven actually has different meanings, but for me, I feel like I’ve been in the business for seven years and [there have] been a lot of bumpy roads and detours and all types of stuff going on within those seven years. But now in the seventh year, everything is finally completed and is coming together. It’s done and I can give you a full body of work. So that number means a lot to me and this year is very important to me.”


On her feud with Rihanna, and drama with ex-boyfriend Brandon Jennings dating Tae Heckard


“I don’t block that s— out; it hurts,” Taylor says. “But then you also have the brighter side of things. It’s a give and take. If you can take compliments, then you should be able to take when people have negative things to say. It’s very hurtful, but I don’t block it out. It hurts, then I speak about it, and then it’s over. You’ll read one negative comment out of 99 good comments, but it will be that one negative comment that will really have you pissed off. But once you relax a little bit and calm down and think about the good, then it makes you feel better and you go about your day.”


Read more of the interview & check out photos on rollingout.com, written by A.R. Shaw.

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