Revamping Your Style: Thrift Edition

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For some people “Shop ‘til you drop” is more than just a statement, it’s a lifestyle. However, there comes a time when your budget simply says “no” and you have to exit out of all the links containing baskets full of online treasures. But what is a girl to do when she is craving for new things, but can’t splurge? Well, the answer is simple: go thrifting!


Yes, you read that right. It’s time to close the gap between your style and budget! Walking into a thrift store can open up endless possibilities of fashion choices and outfits. I frequently go to Goodwill to donate/shop and I never leave without an array of items. Sweaters, jackets, coats, dresses and shirts are the main things that I go for. Sometimes, it surprises me how relevant the items are in regards to the current style of today.


Thrift stores do get a stigma of only being frequented by individuals who are of low-income status but this is no longer holding up truth. Young adults are revamping both their closets and the outlook of thrift stores by proudly marketing their finds on social media. In addition, the cycle of clothes is never ending so what someone doesn’t love now, could be your new favorite go to item!  Who doesn’t love a compliment on something that looks like it came directly from the retail store?


Now, I’m not saying to never go shopping at a regular store again. There are some things that should simply be bought at a store such as workout clothes, undergarments, stuffed animals, pillows and things of that nature. But every now and then, take a break and do a little retail therapy while saving your pockets at the thrift store.


Need some inspiration? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with a few Instagram pages that can’t be missed! Be sure to check them out below:






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Brea Thompson is a junior studying Communication at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Since coming to campus, Brea has been honing her writing skills through organizational projects such as the Student Senate Public Relations Committee and the Communication Association. She is an avid believer that storytelling is the most powerful way to inform, communicate and persuade an audience. When Brea is not writing, she enjoys thrifting, crafting do-it-yourself projects and looking for new hair products!

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