Quick Tip: DIY Eye Makeup Remover

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By Jennifer Jennings



Ran out of makeup wipes? Or just don’t want to spend any money on them? Well here are two products you probably already have that you can use to get rid of eye makeup.



  • Petroleum Jelly- You just rub a small amount on the area you want to remove the eye makeup from and use a cotton ball or cotton round to wipe away the petroleum jelly along with the makeup.
  • Olive Oil/ Coconut Oil- Pretty much the same idea except you want to pour the oil directly onto the cotton ball and then use it to wipe away the makeup. This works great to remove mascara if you use a cotton swab instead of a cotton ball.


This a great tip because both of these products usually cost less than makeup wipes and a little goes a long way so they last much longer! I like to use a cotton swab to remove eyeliner because it’s so close to the eye and I can be more precise with a smaller tool. This trick also works great to remove your lipstick or a lip stain at the end of the day

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