Prepping for Fall: Tips to keep your face, lips and hair moisturized!

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Fall is almost on it’s way, and with it, the entrance of cool weather. For many women, this not only means cool weather, but dry skin as well. We’ve found the best products and regimes to keep your hair and skin hydrated, soft and glowing even through winter.



Invest and utilize your chapsticks. Moisturized lips are vital in the cooler seasons. The constant beating of cold wind against your lips are guaranteed to cause dryness, and no lady wants to crack a smile at the risk of cracking her bottom lip. It’s important to know that medicated chapstick or lip balm should be used sparingly, as it may result in more harm than good.

Try lip balms that are not thick, nor “minty”, as this may lead to a final result of dry, irritated lips. With that said, a few reliable chapstick brands are Chapstick, Carmex, Blistex, Aquaphor, Vaseline, and Beeswax. If you’re like me, a little color is desired; don’t fret! You can apply lip color on your chapstick, this actually lengthens the time between reapplication, which is always a plus.


Your morning routine is always important for preparing for the day. It never looks good walking into work with dry patches of skin across your face, due to lack of moisturizing. So here’s a sure way to rid yourself of the trouble. Washing your face in the morning with lukewarm water is a great way to start your morning routine. Use lukewarm water, this keeps you from stripping a necessary amount of oils from your face.

After washing your face, follow-up with a good, natural moisturizer. Refrain from using petroleum or water-based moisturizers. Moisturizers with natural oils – jojoba, aloe, lavender, or almond are great alternative ingredients for your moisturizer.

Hair can be the most detrimental tool in pulling together your outfit and confidence for whatever your day may bring. There is no hair more unmanageable than dry hair. The best way to get those strands in formation is through moisturizing. Yes, training your hair may be time consuming, but you will thank us later. Start off your regime with a moisturizing, cleansing cowash or shampoo. Deep conditioning weekly will also aid drastically in gaining and retaining moisture.

Adding oils – almond, avocado, EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) – to your deep conditioner during your regime can assist in the moisture thirst. Next, seal, seal, SEAL! Sealing in moisture is just as important during the cool fall and winter months. Be sure to use additional oils for this process. Finally, lock-up those ends! You have to protect them from snags and dryness with simple protective styles. Twists, pin-ups, and braids are a sure way to protect your ends from losing moisture to the harsh winds. However, the products you use when completing these styles are just as important as the style itself. Be sure to use oil based products that will work as an extra sealing agent for your conditioner.

Brands like Miss Jessie’s, Mielle Organics, and Shea Moisture are dominators in the natural hair community, and are strongly suggested as additions to your hair care line.

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