Post College Graduate: What do I do now?

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We spend so much time thinking about graduating college that we forget about our next steps. Some people don’t like to think about what’s next until they past the education part of their lives, and then there are people like me who can’t stop thinking about what my next move will be. One thing is for sure, school isn’t for everyone, but unfortunately you need to be educated in anything you want to do! You wouldn’t want a dentist cleaning your teeth without being certified, right?

I chose to continue my education and go to graduate school at Columbia College Chicago. I can’t express how much I’ve learned from the program already after these two months, and I’m excited to be able to say I tackled two of my goals and completed them! But I do have those thoughts like, “After I graduate in two years, what’s next?”

Whether you’re going to graduate school or looking to start your career, here are a couple of tips to help you get through the post-graduate phase and make the right decisions afterwards!


1. Start your five year plan – I know making lists aren’t for everyone, but this is solely for setting goals! Set a huge milestone task/goal that you want to accomplish every year.

2. Don’t be afraid to apply to jobs out of state – Moving from home is scary, but if your dreams don’t scare you then they’re not big enough!

3. Think about whether grad school is for you or not – I know graduate school isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay — but if it is, research schools and programs, and decide what you want to focus on during your time there!

4. Create your master plan – This is different from your five year plan. With this plan you should ask yourself, “What do I want to do, and enjoy doing for the rest of my life?” This is just something to think about! Once it clicks, work everyday towards that plan and try to stick with it.

5. Budget, budget, budget – Don’t be that kid that lives off of their parents forever! Save up for that apartment or condo. Don’t be afraid to branch out. Moving out is a huge milestone, but if you have that in your five year plan you’ll already be a step ahead!

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