[PHOTOS] Rihanna makes history with stunning Dior Ad!

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So, Rihanna’s stunning Dior Ad is here, and let’s just say she never stops surprising us! She truly made history by being the first woman of color to be named as the face of Dior, and now with her first set of images being as stunning as these are, I’m truly wondering what’s next for her! How can she top this? The new Secret Garden campaign has been revealed to the world, and I can’t contain my excitement.

These gothic-inspired images,  shot by Steven Klein in Versailles, mark the fourth installment of the brand’s “Secret Garden” video series and show the star in a fantasy-like sequence.

“Rihanna’s mystery and intrigue combined with her razor-sharp looks and sensibility, are the essential, perfect elements to create the stage for Secret Garden,” Klein said in the statement.

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