NYFW Street Style Hits the Pavement

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Story Image Courtesy of Vogue

Story Image Courtesy of Vogue


New York Fashion Week has become fashion’s most monumental event. It has been inspiring designers, consumers and magazines, on and off the runway since it debuted in 1943.

According to TIME, the spark leading to the idea of fashion week in America began when the opportunity for fashion journalists to travel to Paris was restricted due to World War II. With the limited access strictly enforced, the well-known fashion publicist, Eleanor Lambert, realized that this was the chance to expand the international perspective on trendy styles. Creating an event known as “Press Week”, she gathered a group of American designers to make a display for the media.

Paying expenses for journalists outside of New York helped to further exceed the expectations of the event.  Multiple people in the fashion industry reveled at the ensembles presented and this tradition continued for decades to follow, with multiple shows taking place throughout the city. Today, the expansion of this experience has been hosted at the infamous Bryant Park venue and later to Lincoln Center to accommodate the growing masses.

Today, the styles have a strong influence on celebrities, fashion outlets and even the everyday citizen. During this week, magazines such as Vogue and Elle feature the hottest outfits that resemble runway pieces or reflect a person’s unique style. It is amazing to see the impact that a week can have on people across the world. Individuals are taking notes and creating their own twist. Style is not a defined thing. Designer and stylist Rachel Zoe said it best, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”


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Story Image Courtesy of Vogue



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Story Image Courtesy of Vogue



Check out Elle magazine’s take on the best of NYFW “Street Style” below:


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