New Year, Same Me? Taking pride in small victories!

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January came and went. Spring is around the corner (hopefully) and many of us are reveling in the success of sticking to each and every one of our New Year’s resolutions.

Yeah, no.

New Year’s resolutions excite you in the final days of December, right? You look forward to starting fresh, doing things differently and finally reaching your highest potential. But, in reality the glitz and glitter of New Year’s celebration and newfound confidence is usually short lived.

No matter what your “new year, new me” goals were (or are), life still may be dragging a little of 2016 into your 2017.

As January flew by, you probably stayed up into the wee hours of the A.M. even though you promised to be in by 10:30 every night. Sure you said you were only thinking positive thoughts, but…you had a down day here and there.

And about going to the gym…doughnuts reigned supreme.


While it’s easy to beat up on ourselves for not sticking to resolutions, especially so early in the year, why not try a different approach?

Instead of constantly replaying your “fallen-short” moments, focus on the small, but mighty steps you’re taking to better yourself. Think about it, even making a list of things to do better is a feat to be proud of.

Sure, you may not be getting the 8 hours of sleep you promised yourself., but maybe you have been turning in just a little bit earlier, right? You may not have given up coffee completely, but you downsized from a Venti to a Grande (remember, baby steps).

While there’s still a beautiful collection of 11 fresh months ahead of us, remind yourself to celebrate the little victories of striving to become a better you.


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