Muslim Fashion Bloggers On the Rise

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Via Modest Street Fashion

Via Modest Street Fashion


Often times when Muslim women are looked at through the scope of a Western sphere, there tends to be the assumption that a lack of agency indubitably exists among such women. Many Americans tend to believe womanhood has been suppressed, and other negative stereotypes affiliated with Islamic culture. The last thing many Westerners might suggest is that many Muslim women are budding fashion icons.

There are many fashion and/or beauty Muslim bloggers out there, some that infuse contemporary culture with their traditional wear to create some pretty eclectic pieces.  A lot of these bloggers focus on mixing colors and bold prints and patterns to make their hijab dress more funky chic, and I am totally down for it. The hijab fashion world isn’t something that’s new, but due to a growing internet and blogging industry, it is the first time in recent years that this world has been available to us on a global stage.

One thing I have noticed that many of these Muslim bloggers have in common is a want to deconstruct negative stereotypes affiliated with their culture, while showcasing said culture and fashion in a dope way.

Check out some of my favorite fashion and beauty bloggers and vloggers I have found so far.


Dina Pelangi


I LOVE Dina Pelangi’s blog. Not only does she showcase bright colors, and cool prints she also includes encouraging words of inspiration.


Sabrina Enayatulla


Sabrina is one of the bloggers that lives in a more contemporary fashion world. Her site features different outfits you can wear to a dinner party, dates, etc. She also features some yummy Vegan recipes.



Haiina features Muslim street style, complete with a lot of cool neutral tones and my favorite, layering!

Yasemin Kanar

Yasemin is a popular hijab and beauty vlogger with over a million views.

Ascia Farraj


Blogger Ascia Farraj’s Instagram pics are as scenic and equally fabulous as the ones on her blog site!

Melanie Elturk

Melanie created an online boutique called Haute Hijab. She is a vlogger and features both affordable and high end pieces on her site.

Langston Hughes


Last but not least, Langston Hughes is a photographer from Detroit who has created an online look book of “modest street fashion“ which he says is a growing “faith driven” trend. His pictures are breathtaking, so is the style!



What do you guys think?

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