Meet Fashion Blogger Paige Delaney!

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By Kasey Daniels


Our inspiring featured blogger for the week goes by the name of Paige Mariah Delaney. She is a fashionable 21-year old studying Public Relations/Marketing, and will be graduating next month from Hampton University located in Virginia.  


Paige has found passion in blogging since she was in high school, and was even more motivated to take it to a rather higher level during her college years at Hampton. After her exciting experience of blogging for Seventeen Magazine during her first year, she soon took on her current position of blogging for as a style guru. Drawn from these experiences, she found inspiration to begin her vey own fashion blog last January : .  Paige considers her blog to be a way for her to personally express herself to viewers, similar to a fashion diary being made available to the public.


Something unique we title to Paige, is her desire to thrift clothing- creating a personal style that can’t be duplicated.


We were given the special opportunity to contact Paige and get the scoop on her personal fashion tips, trendy places to shop this spring, and her near future plans upon graduation!

Check it out below!


Her$tyle: How would you describe your personal fashion style in merely 3 words?

Paige Delaney: “Thrifty, Chic, Limitless”

Her$tyle: Who would you say inspires you in the fashion industry? Where do you draw your sense of style?


Paige Delaney:  “I actually get a lot of inspiration from everyday people and fashion bloggers. I could scroll through fashion blogs all day. In the fashion industry, I’m obsessed with Cosmopolitan’s Fashion Market Director, Shiona Turini. Her style is amazing. Celebrity wise, I love Solange and Kiley Jenner right now.”

Her$tyle: Name a few of your favorite places to shop:

Paige Delaney: “Thrift stores, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel”

Her$tyle: What would you say the greatest “steal” you’ve found in your thrifting experience?

Paige Delaney: “My greatest steal would have to be my favorite pair or black high waist shorts. I got them for 25 cents!”

Her$tyle: What are some of your favorite blogging or fashion websites to view?

Paige Delaney: “I love Angelica Blick, BeautyCrush and TarMar.”

Her$tyle: What advice would you provide our readers for spring fashion trends and tips?


Paige Delaney: “Have fun! Bright colors, platform sandals and skater skirts are always awesome for spring.”

Her$tyle: Briefly describe your experience interning in New York & what you may have learned:


Paige Delaney: “My internship at beauty, fashion and lifestyle firm RED PR was the most challenging yet rewarding experience of my life. I learned so many lessons not only in public relations but life. Being the only intern for the entire summer I really had to manage my time well because there was absolutely always something to be done. It was not a coffee run internship and I gained so


Her$tyle: What are your future plans upon graduation?

Paige Delaney: “I’m currently in the process of securing a job/internship in PR or Copywriting in Chicago. I then eventually plan to move to NYC. I also want to attend grad school in the near future.”



Stay updated with Paige & view her blog:


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Instagram/Twitter Username: paige_mariah


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