Mark Zuckerberg donates $25 Million to Fight Ebola!

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Mark Zuckerberg is doing more than managing the world’s top social media outlet, Facebook. He has contributed a huge donation to help end the Ebola epidemic.

(via Complex)


The Associated Press reported today that Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, will be donating $25 million to the CDC so that they can further address the disease.

The grant, which is being made from Zuckerberg and Chan’s fund at the nonprofit Silicon Valley Community Foundation, follows a $9 million donation made last month by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Apple—it’s your turn to step up.

The money will reportedly be used in the CDC’s prevention efforts in the African countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, as well as anywhere else in the world that is threatened by Ebola. As of Oct. 8, there have been 8,400 total cases of Ebola in West Africa and 4,033 total deaths, according to the CDC.


It’s a blessing to have big name people out there, like Mark, who are not just “tweeting” about it, but are moving forward to do something about it! There have been a lot of celebrities who have took to social media to give their support, but what does that really help?

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