Magazine Mashup: Top 15 Dopest Magazine Covers

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Hey guys,

So basically the last couple weeks I feel like I have been seeing some really dope magazine covers (i.e: Taraji P. Henson’s fierce self on the cover of Uptown, Rihanna on the cover of W and AnOther magazine, and Tracee Ellis Ross on the cover of Essence). It just got me thinking of all the chic women and chic magazine covers I have seen this past year, so I decided to make a list of my top 15 magazine covers in no particular order, because frankly the idea of having to choose any of these equally fabulous magazine covers to rank over the other would make my head spontaneously combust! (Side note: Sorry guys, but you will see Rihanna more than once on this list.)



Social media went craaazy over these pictures, but I didn’t hear one comment of “Bye Felicia” uttered, not once.



I mean, she is part of the reason this post was inspired! Old Hollywood glam looks great on you Taraji!




Wire Magazine, how are you going to put one my favorite media correspondents and feminists, Jessica Williams, against a bright orange background, and not expect me to instantaneously love it?



Solange Knowles is the epitome of cool and you see why in this cover.




Who could forget a few years back when Ebony celebrated its 65th Anniversary and recreated its Dorothy Dandridge cover with Nia Long?



Okay so this has not been within the last few years, but who could ever forget Tyra and this iconic Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover!



Okay, I’m sorry again, but c’mon man!



Ever since her big movie debut, there have been some pretty hot pictures of Lupita Nyong’o. (Is last year’s Vogue shoot ringing any bells?) However, despite the many covers, the New York depicted her in the most sublime, over the top, and creative way possible, just stunning!



I really liked this shot of the Jenner sisters when it came out! They look like Spanish contessas!





Jill Scott and Viola Davis both giving us “I am not my hair” and so much more!



Gabrielle Sidibe is a budding superstar and I look forward to seeing her on the cover of more magazines! Werk it hunty!


I always enjoy looking at Nylon’s magazine covers and the “artsy” elements they try to include, but this to me was the “artsiest” they have ever gotten with a cover. I love everything about it down to the seemingly pencil shavings. And I’ve never seen Scarlett Johansen look so bad ass!



I loved this issue, from the hair to the dress! Lady Gaga looked like a chic, purple statue of liberty.



W Magazine made Rihanna the face of three of its covers this year to celebrate its 10th anniversary, but I liked this one the best!

Ok guys that’s it for my list. Do you feel like there were any covers done within the last few years that you think slayed and should have been on here? Let us know!

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