Louis Vuitton sued by former employee over racist comments

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By Skylyr Carter



Once again in fashion news, another leading retail brand is being sued over a racial discrepancy.  Earlier in May Tiffany and Company was sued for racial discrimination, along with Macy’s, Alexander McQueen, and now Louis Vuitton!



Sources say, Oliver Koffi, a sales associate at a London branch is sueing Louis Vuitton over the repeated offensive and degrading comments made by his manager.  Koffi admits to recording his manager on many occasions, giving him blatant and obvious reason to sue for racial discrimination and harassment.



Koffi’s manager once stated, “Black people are slaves that eat off the floor,” along with other degrading remarks about varied races and religions. He also claimed that products made by Louis Vuitton were inadequate because they were “made in China” and often made racist comments against Asians. He has also referred to President Barack Obama as a “puppet” and that Miss Piggy would be a much better president since ”Muslim people don’t eat pork.”



A representative for Louis Vuitton says “ Louis Vuitton has a zero tolerance policy to harassment of any kind,” and “the manager in question no longer works with the company.”


I hope this inequality for all mankind does not continue to be a trend in the fashion community or in our world today. Let’s all live by the ‘golden rule,’ and ‘treat others the way you want to be treated!’

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