June 2016 Boss Talk with Cyn Santana

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We’re kicking off June 2016 with our first official ‘Boss Talk’ of the year! We were able to catch up with GirlBoss, Cyn Santana. If you aren’t familiar with Cyn, she’s a 23-year-old, currently residing in New York City, who is definitely making her mark in every industry she lands in. Not only is she a TV personality, but she’s also a host and full-time entrepreneur. She currently runs her own business called NU Clothing. Nu Clothing is an online store where she sells women’s apparel that caters to both junior and plus-size women.

With her inspiration being Sophia Amoruso, CEO of Nasty Gal, that explains why this shepreneur is always working hard for her success. She explains that seeing how much she inspires and empower other women around the world is mind-blowing, and the drive to keeps her going.

“There’s no feeling compared to receiving a message from a fan expressing how much I’ve inspired them to be different or pursue a dream. This is the GOAL,” stated Cyn.

Not only is she running her online clothing store, but she’s also working on TV projects, filming a movie and getting started on her second business venture…amazing. Learn more about Cyn Santana in our recent interview with her below!


via Cyn Santana

via Cyn Santana

On Entrepreneurship & Her #GirlBoss Defining Moment


“To be completely honest, I never actually pictured myself owning my own company and running my own business. I knew that I had it in me, but I wasn’t sure about my passion yet. As I grew older, I started to see a vision, which later on manifested into what is now.”

“When I was a sophomore in high school, I used to sell chicken and cheese empanadas in school, discreetly of course because it wasn’t allowed (laughs). I’d wake up at 5AM, and my mother would help me cook them fresh! I would sell them for $1, leaving with $60-$65 at the end of my school day. I was a fifteen or sixteen-year-old seeing $300+ cash a week. I was like, ‘Okay…I can get used to this.'”


On Her #GirlBoss Journey


“My journey towards being a girlboss has definitely been the most bittersweet journey. It’s been a mixture of failures, mistakes, lots of lessons and success. It’s frustrating, being a ‘boss’. In reality, it’s not a ‘fun’ thing. When I say that I mean, a lot of responsibilities come with this occupation and you need to be able to sacrifice. I love what I do though so it balances out perfectly.”


On Her Launching of NU Clothing & Inspiration Behind the Brand

“I started NU March 2015. My inspiration behind NU was wanting to build a brand and wanting to grow as a business woman. I also come from a fashion background. I attended High School of Fashion Industries, and majored in business and marketing. What girl doesn’t have a passion for fashion? I was definitely in love with the idea of seeing other women in my clothing.”

“I was breaking my head trying to think of a name for my line. I wanted something cute, easy to remember but still something I was able to connect with. I asked a friend of mine for ideas. She came up with the word ‘NU’, which means: ‘Nude’ in French. I’ve always been obsessed with the color ‘nude’, and my initial collection was an all nude collection. I fell in love with the name!”

“It’s important to me that my NU Gals feel comfortable. I really just want my ladies to be confident in their sense of style. I want to allow women to dare greatly with their style. Whether it’s a dress, a two piece set, or some leggings and a crop, I want my ladies to throw it on and say ‘I’m killin’ it.'”

On Her Favorite SS ’16 Fashion Trends


“Right now I’m obsessed rompers, jumpsuits and three piece choker sets — they’re cute, comfy and can be dressed up or down.”

A Day in the Life of Cyn Santana


“My mornings are very precious to me. It’s the most sacred time. I wake up, open my eyes and the first thing I do? Look at my phone to see if I missed any important calls. Then I pray and reflect. Although I have a schedule for every day, I quickly run through my day and plan it out. At breakfast I check e-mails, my order list and communicate with my fans via Twitter and Instagram. I usually go train for an hour then meet with my assistant and head to my factory. When I’m not on set, my day is pretty much at the factory preparing, packaging and shipping my customers’ orders. Oh, and a whole bunch of business meetings with lots of food (laughs). I usually end my day with a sip of wine, and go over everything and prepare for the next day depending on what’s scheduled.”

via Cyn Santana

via Cyn Santana

Her Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs 

“Man, I would never finish with my advice (laughs), but I’ll give my Top Four Most Important Pointers:

  1. First and foremost, please take care of yourself — spiritually, mentally and physically. If you don’t nurture your well-being how are you going to run your company?
  2. Do not put too much on your plate. When you try to multi-task one too many thing, it ends up taking away from each project or task. You want to be able to give your projects 100%. One thing at a time. This is why it’s very important to build a great team who you can trust because truth is, you can’t do it all yourself.
  3. REMEMBER THE GOAL. Understand that being a girlboss requires a lot of dirty work. It’s NOT EASY. You’re going to get frustrated and you might want to give up, but that’s never an option when you remember the goal. Remember why you started and where you want to finish. Achieve this.
  4. Always remain humble. Don’t ever be too good to pack some boxes and carry them to the post office.”

On How She Thinks Women Can Unite & Support Each Other


“Continue to promote equality and embrace one another. No one understands a woman more than a woman. Support more girlbosses. They already say “we can’t” because we’re women…whatever that means. When you see a girlboss, just salute them!”


Be sure to follow Cyn Santana and NU Clothing for updates and new arrivals!

Instagram: @CynSantana
Twitter: @Cyn_Santana
NU Instagram: @shopsNU
NU Twitter: @shopsNU

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