How to stay organized throughout the week

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Staying organized during the week can be tough — especially when you have a million things to do in seven days! You feel stressed and overwhelmed by the many tasks that people are throwing at you, and even the many tasks that you’re placing on yourself as well. Although organizing and prioritizing is different for everyone, I wanted to give you four easy tips to make your week a little bit brighter and stress-free!

Tip #1:

Get yourself together on Sunday night — Sunday’s are meant for relaxation, but they can also be used to get your mind right for the week. Gather your thoughts, ideas and tasks together and make a list of things you want to accomplish for the week. Getting yourself together on Sunday can be a huge step to a very productive week.


Tip #2:

Purchase a planner or a notebook to collect your thoughts — Lord knows where I would be without my Kate Spade planner + notebook! These items have easily been my go-to when I need to get organized, and keep a list of things that need to be accomplished each day. Planners and notebooks are a great investment, so make sure you purchase something cute and motivational that will have you ready to kick some butt!



 Tip #3:
Start your days off with a positive outlook — Making sure breakfast, coffee & music are apart of your mornings should definitely jumpstart your days! Breakfast gives you that fuel you need to get going, coffee (or tea) wakes you up, and music gets you going! These things definitely help you get pumped and ready to tackle any tasks headed your way that day.


 Tip #4:
If you love coffee or tea in the mornings, look into a mug or cup that makes you smile — Inspirational mugs and cups are my favorite to get me started everyday. Whether it’s an inspirational quote, or a mug from your favorite city, you’ll love waking up and remembering what you’re destined to do!



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