How To Spring Clean Your Life

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Going into a new month, it is evident that spring is officially approaching! So with the sunny days upon us, it is time to update two things: your wardrobe and workspace.  These tips are not essential to do only when the season changes, but whenever you need a refreshing start! Be sure to apply this as soon as you can, because it will make all the difference in your overall attitude and productivity.




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  • Start from scratch: Before you move on to the core of the cleaning, start by simply dumping everything out on the floor. By doing this, it gives you the opportunity to see all the items that you currently have at hand. Then you have opportunity to properly categorize the items into sections such as shoes, jeans, shirts, dresses, etc.
  • Follow the “One Year Rule”: This is the most honest stage in the process. This is the time when you really have to figure out what is valuable to keep. If the tag is still on an item or you have only worn an essential piece of clothing once, then it is possibly time to get rid of it. Try to steer away from “What if I wore it to this event?” or “I’ll need it sometime in the future” statements. These questions tend to cloud the judgment made in the keeping or letting go part. Remember that your clothes could go to organizations such as a club for children or a store like Goodwill.
  • Prioritize and Organize: Now that your piles have been established and final choices have been made it is essential to have some type of order in your closet and/or drawers. You have the freedom to organize the items by color, season, favorite pieces of clothing, etc. It would be great to invest in some storage bins to help make the transition from one season into the other easier. Also, if your wardrobe is already at your ideal clean state, then just check back in a few weeks to see what you can eliminate and add in to your collection of great items.
  • Overwhelmed?: If you dread the idea of  cleaning, then make sure to set some guidelines for yourself. This could include playing music to energize yourself or inviting a friend to keep you company and lend you a hand! Be sure to set time intervals to eliminate being drained in the long run.


  • Arm’s Length Items: This is the de-cluttering portion of cleaning a desk. Too often there is a fair amount of supplies that are simply taking up room and not helping with the daily tasks. The best thing to do is to focus on the essentials such as pens, paper, computer/keyboard, stapler, tape and telephone. Be sure to get into the habit of placing the items in the same spot each time to establish a routine and strengthen the actions that will be duplicated when you organize.
  • Schedule: Take the time to make to-do lists of your most important tasks . This will help you keep track of what needs to be completed, but can also help minimize tedious aspects such as constantly checking e-mail.


  • Be serious: The appearance of your workspace can convey a lot of messages to a person in a short time span. For instance, if your desk is messy, individuals may believe that you are unorganized, unreliable, and more carefree than the average employee. However, if you are willing to make a change, then be very proactive in your actions of ensuring a quality work area.  First impressions can say a lot about a person, so be sure to establish your best image.
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