Health + Fitness Wellness: How to stay consistent

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A part of staying fit is staying healthy too! I’ve found that when you are eating better, you feel better and your body feels so much lighter, especially after a hardcore workout. Although everyone talks about how they want to eat better, how can you really go about that and stay consistent?

This is the problem that a lot of people face. I’m one of them. I will admit that it’s so hard to give up those foods that just taste like heaven, for something that has little to no taste at all, but who says you have to? I’m a firm believer that everything you do should be done in moderation. When you over-do something it has the power to control you, so learn to say “no” sometimes!

I’ve been researching and peeping on Pinterest ways to stay healthy and fit, and continue to keep consistent in that lifestyle, and honestly there are a million different ways to do it, it just depends on what you are looking to achieve.


TIP #1:

One way is to establish your very own healthy grocery list. I found that when I established mine it was easier to stick to, and I didn’t spend hours in the store going down every isle trying to figure out what I wanted to put in my cart. I was in and out. I got what I needed, which helped to avoid the temptation of indulging in snacks that I didn’t need. If you need a template to go off of I found a “College Girl Healthy Grocery List” via Pinterest from Check it out below!


TIP #2:

The next thing to do after you have a nice and secure grocery list is to pick one day out of the week where you can eat any fast-food you can think of. This will be your cheat day! It’s motivating to choose Friday to be your cheat day because you’ll have something to look forward to towards the end of the week and be able to fully enjoy it without feeling guilty. I mean, you’ve been eating healthy all week, why not treat yourself? This also helps you increase your willingness to SAVE. If you want to go pig out somewhere fancy, you’ll save money all that week to be able to indulge that Friday. You’ll end up with more mula in your pockets and a sense of appreciation for the foods you’ve wanted all week to taste! Below are fast food restaurants where you can also purchase a meal that is under 400 calories, just in case you don’t want to get off track too much. (via



TIP #3:


Create a workout plan that is conducive to your schedule! Not everyone can work out during the day due to work or classes, so create something that works perfectly for you. Attempt to workout at least three days a week, but gradually get to that point. Once you get in the habit of having your workout as a part of your daily routine it will be easier to stick to it! I know my weekends are centrally my down times, so I’ve added in my schedule to workout on those days. There will be times when you might have to change your original schedule around due to your work load that week, and that’s totally fine. As long as you’re still attempt to commit the same hours into your workout then that’s all that matters! Make sure throughout your routine that you’re drinking lots of water, tea and eating lots of veggies!

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