Girl Talk: How to overcome negative relationships

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Negative relationships can be a real downer, and let’s just admit, some of us are in negative relationships right now without even fully knowing how much they are hurting us. As humans, you can be so blind when you really care and love a person — this goes for family, friends and a significant other. We have this idea in our mind that the reason we might be going through certain situations, etc, with a person is because we are suppose to, and that’s what you do when you truly love and care about a person, but some things just don’t qualify as love.

My idea of love is that it is mutual, that’s first. If you feel like a person is always putting you down, while you’re always uplifting their spirits, then you need to reevaluate the relationship, and question what is possibly going on in that person’s life where they can’t give you the positive, uplifting spirits that you give them.

As humans, it is important that we first love ourselves. Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you have to be 100% happy with being single, or alone. Loving yourself is getting to know yourself. I took the time to love myself and understand what makes me happy my junior year of college, and that’s how HerStyle Media started. So ask yourself these questions:

1. What makes me happy?

2. Am I okay with being alone? Do I always need someone by my side?

3. Where’s does my passion lie? What am I good at?

4. So I uphold the values and qualities that I look for from my friends, family, significant other?

5. What do I need to work on to be a better person?

I think about my personal answers to these questions daily, because if you don’t know the answer, then how do you expect anyone else to get it? Some things and people are hard to let go, but remember, everything you lose is not a lost. It could be a gain, or a blessing in disguise. God often closes doors to certain situations that he knows you won’t close yourself — maybe out of fear, rejection, etc, either way, God has your back!

Coping with the end of a negative relationship is hard, but remember that everyone is not the same. Don’t categorize people before you even get a chance to know them. You might miss out on the best thing that’s ever happened to you!


Are you currently overcoming a negative relationship? How did you heal? Comment below!

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