Girl Boss of the Week: Ciara

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I’d have to say that Ciara has been killing things lately in every aspect of the game. Slaying on the cover of Legend magazine, the title is gradually getting handed over to my girl Ci. For the past three years I’ve been following Ciara for her fashion as well as her music for the first time since she came out. To me, her evolution is and will continue to be inspirational and classic.


Ciara went from dance records and love songs like ‘Goodies’, ‘1,2 Step’, and ‘And I’, to sexy and unique songs like ‘Body Party’ and ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love.’ When Ciara first came out I never thought she would be one of the artists I’d look up to as not only a musician, but business woman, socialite, and style icon. Ciara’s confidence is unmatched. She isn’t afraid to take chances whether it be the things she wears or the routine she does when she’s performing. Ciara goes for what she wants.


Ciara frequents other countries and speaks other languages, which makes her  cultured and open to new ideas and innovations. She represents herself strongly and independently like any woman should, which I’m sure draws people to her. I’m not going to lie about it, it was probably around the time she got with Future that I started to keep a closer eye on Ci. I liked what he brought out of her. They were super edgy and trendy together. She had her fair share of growth and change when she was with him and then things happened and they separated… But now, we have this whole new Ciara, who didn’t let heartbreak keep her down, but instead shed light on the dim places in her life! Hence, her single ‘I Bet’ where she said she was going to start loving someone else, and she did.

Now with Football player Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks, and all in the media with him, Ciara is showing us her new happiness. Newly married, Ciara has been going harder than ever in everything she touches. Being an awesome mom, while silently killing every photoshoot she does, she has easily become one of my favs. Signing with IMG modeling agency and becoming the new face for Roberto Cavalli, Ciara is loved in the fashion world! Her height and slim figure makes her a prize for designers. Some people seem to think fashion is what revamped Ciara and made her relevant again, but me? I think she’s always had it in her. Ciara shows us with her morals, and choices that she is pretty close to the perfect blueprint of the qualities and talents that should make up a woman. She represents following your vision and your dreams regardless of who supports you. Her girl power, attitude, leadership qualities and of course her ability to be so drop dead gorgeous, effortlessly, makes her a definite girl boss in my eyes.


Ciara’s growth in the ten plus years she’s been apart of the entertainment industry has been nothing short of amazing. We all have to start somewhere. It’s about where you end up.

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