Get Your Afrofeminist on: Coloring Book Style

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unnamedSo there is a new coloring book on the market, but this isn’t just any old regular coloring book guys. The drawings have been created by a young woman by the name of Makeda Lewis, and the book chronicles ideas and images a girl named Avie, who is learning as a little black girl growing up in society.

If you have a little sister, a baby cousin, or a little girl of your own who you are raising early to be a bold, confident, socially-conscious, budding afro feminist, then I strongly suggest buying her this coloring book.

According to Blavity, the coloring book’s themes center on “feminism, afrocentricity, death and rebirth, gender identity, power dynamics, and the effects those concepts can have on black womanhood”.



If that’s not enough, Madeka sells these dope, self-empowering ceramic mugs for $20 a pop on her site. I needed to order my “Black Pussy Supreme” mug like yesterday.



On her site it says a third of each purchase for her “Avie Dreams” coloring book will go to Wellspring Living, which provides housing to girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking. I love seeing sistas like her using their creative gifts to make a difference to the younger versions of ourselves, and I certainly wish I was drawing in coloring books like this at a young age. So spread the word, and support this movement! Makeda Lewis is certainly an afrofeminist, you should know.

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