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So it looks like there’s a new beauty buy gaining momentum, and it’s the “fulllips lip enhancer”. Fulllips lip enhancer founder, Linda Gomez, says she created the product as a result of her lips getting thinner as she got older. According to her, she created a “small self-suction device to help women achieve a better lip line and fuller lips”.

From the looks of social media, YouTube reviews, and tutorials it looks like this product really may work.



All images via http://instagram.com/fullipsenhancer/




All images via http://instagram.com/fullipsenhancer/


Fulllips lip enhancer comes in three different sizes, based on the lip shape and size you currently have/ want to have. The “large round” is equipped for women with bigger mouths who are looking to gain overall mouth fullness. The “medium oval” and “small oval” are used for women with smaller lips who wish to target specific parts of their mouths, and they can both be used horizontally or vertically.

But that’s not all; each unit sells for just twenty dollars! So if you are one of those women who has always wondered what it would be like to have fuller plumper lips, but aren’t necessarily willing to be subject to injection, this product may be the route for you. With its “noninvasive”, seemingly “natural” approach, and low price, I have a feeling this leggo-like beauty tool is about to turn the cosmetics world on its head.

Let us know if you decide to purchase and check out a “How To” video from Linda’s daughter below:



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