Fruits Galore in the Winter Season

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When Chicago winter hits, my everyday mentality changes immediately. I’m helplessly searching for the right car accessories to fight against the harsh road conditions, the best over sized sweaters to stay warm and durable, yet still fashionable snow boots. But with all this preparation, there’s always one area that seems to fall short each winter and this specifically happens in regards to my fruit intake.

The topic of this piece came to me when my mom and I went to a diner this past weekend. I ordered my typical meal of pancakes, eggs, and hash browns while my mom picked her favorite: eggs benedict. However, her side orders unfortunately included a serving of what the restaurant called the season’s “fresh fruit.” Fresh was the exact opposite of what should’ve been describing the drab pile that was heaped on the plate when we left the diner. Another healthy food option was simply ditched for the choice of a savory, salty meal.

This sparked the question of what really was considered a “winter” fruit? So I dived into research on “Fruits & Veggies More Matters” to find out what really are the best options for flavor and color in the fruit category. Below find out some of the more unconventional options that are right at your grocery store or farmer’s market:

Clementines: excellent source of vitamin C; should feel soft, lack blemishes as well as have shiny skin



Date Plum: cholesterol free and excellent for fiber, vitamin A and C; select yellow to orange in color



Grapefruit: cholesterol free, fat free and high in vitamin A and C; select them heavy size with smooth and firm skin



Kiwifruit: cholesterol free, good source of fiber, vitamin C and E; select firm fruits with rough, fuzzy skin



Pomegranate: cholesterol free, excellent source of fiber



Red Bananas: good source vitamin C; choose firm bananas with a deep purple color



Sharon Fruit: cholesterol free, vitamin A and C and a good source of copper; choose smooth, brightly colored plump fruit




Don’t be afraid to experiment and incorporate these into a fruit salad or smoothie! Need more fruit choices or want to expand your vegetable list? Be sure to check out this site for each season here:

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