Five Fun Summer Exercises

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The 4th of July holiday just recently passed, and I’m sure we all ate extremely great food — however not the best. Typically, the holiday is that one cheat day, but when Monday returns we’re looking for ways to work it off. So here’s a list of five fun summer exercises you can do to get a quick workout in without you having to go to gym. Have some fun and enjoy the beautiful summer weather while burning calories.


  1. Bike Riding

Find a bike trail and or even take your bike for a spin around your neighborhood. If you don’t own a bike, there might be some places where you can rent a bike.

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  1. Roller Skating

Although this is equally an indoor activity as it is outdoors, skating during this summer weather is definitely a must! Whether it’s roller blades or roller skates, this will get your whole body moving, leaving you with a complete aerobic workout.

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  1. Trampoline Park

This is always a super fun calorie burner to engage in with friends. All of the jumping, running, and sometimes falling gives you that sweat and exercise you need.

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  1. Outside Jog or Run

Put on your good running shoes and take a jog on a trail, through your neighborhood or even by the lake to soak up all that nature has to offer. Make sure you don’t forget your music.

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  1. Tone Every Inch On a Park Bench

Now if you’re just absolutely yearning to get a quick leg and ab workout in, there’s no need to rush to the gym. Complete the two exercises in a nearby park or by the lake. Bring a mat and use the benches to your benefit to do your crunches, sit ups, lunges or leg lifts.

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