Dame Dash Drops Major #BOSS Jewels on the Breakfast Club

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Dame Dash recently visited the Breakfast Club, and gave new meaning to the term “boss”.

“You’re only a boss if you put up your own money.  If you don’t put up your own money, I don’t care how much somebody gives you, you’re nothing but a supervisor; it’s not yours.”

The major point of controversy during the interview was when Dame critiqued the fact that DJ Envy has a boss. DJ Envy countered saying that he enjoyed working at the radio station, and that he could quit anytime he wanted to and be “good”.

“There’s no money in this world for someone to pay me so I can call them a boss. That’s like calling someone daddy.”

“I’m not going to fight for something I don’t own.”

“Can another man say you, you’re fired?” |“Absolutely”| “No one can tell me that. That’s priceless to me.”

DJ Envy advised Dame to do his fact checking and see just how many investments Envy had his hands in. But that was not enough for Dame as he pointed out, DJ Envy didn’t “own” anything. He would not be able to pass down any of his current ventures onto to his son. Dame went on to say that if you are not hustling for your off spring, you’re selfish.

“I’m not going to build somebody else’s company, and then pick shares so my son can…f*ck all that.”

“Don’t you think your son would love if his name was up there instead of someone else’s?”

“If you’re gonna work twenty years in a business or fifteen years in a business everyday over and over again and your son can’t work here whenever he feel like it, you clowning to me.”

“I taught my son never to have a boss…he’s 23. He owns a restaurant; he has cookies; he has equity. He busts his ass so he could pass it on to his son. If that’s not what you hustling for you selfish!”

Dame also came at the fact that DJ Envy, Charlamagne, and Angela Yee had been in the same business for around twenty years. He challenged why they had not already started their own radio station by now, so that as he puts it, “DJ Envy’s son could hop on and deejay whenever he wanted to”. The crew responded with how you have to work your way up and how they were content with where they are. He said that no they weren’t, that instead they were content with the safety of a having job every day.

“You enjoy the safety and security of a job every day, but there’s no pride in that.”

“There’s just a pride you should have in ownership.”

“How can a man say he has a boss and be proud?”

“There’s always some white man in charge of black people.”

“I’m mad at yall for having the same job for twenty five years. That’s what I’m mad at. I can’t see how people do the same sh*t every day, and get told what to do every day, and have to ask when to go on vacation.”

Charlamagne asked Dame how exactly you get to that platform and Dame responded this:

“By putting your own money up and investing in yourself. That’s it; you flip…and stop worrying about other people’s pockets, and what other people have and what other people can do for you. And 9 to 5’s aren’t good, because your hustling for a f*cking weekend, but when you f*cking do something that’s for yourself and your family it never feels like work.”

This was probably one of my favorite Breakfast Club interviews to date. Dame spoke on something even I myself am struggling with now, being your own boss. I work for a few different amazing #girlbosses, but I am getting to a point now where I have begun to ask myself, when do I start my own brand? It’s f*cking scary man, and that’s why I have the ultimate respect and admire anybody out here, who is doing their own thing, especially when they are young. Dame hits on some key points; there is pride in ownership.

There is pride in waking up whenever you want and there is pride in creating something that is your own, that nobody can take away from you. I know eventually, and sooner rather than later I can’t have a boss. My ideas are too creative and too avant-garde to give away for free. My vision is too big to work for somebody else’s. And my pride is too precious to hustle for someone else’s last name. But again, it is f*cking scary man, stepping out on your own and trying to be your own boss is scary.

Dame was brutally honest with the Breakfast Club, and who knows maybe one day they will start their own black owned radio station. If nothing else, if he didn’t ignite a fire under their bellies, he certainly ignited one under mine.

Check out the full interview below, and check out his tips on how to be a “real man” on necolebitchie. (A lot of guys need notes on this.)




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