Is Actor Kevin Hart Homophobic?

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Kevin Hart “appreciates and respects” the gay community, but was he to be casted in a movie where he’s a long way from playing one himself, or so he said in a recent interview with the Breakfast Club. The comedian turned actor revealed he had previously turned down the Alpa Chino role in Tropic Thunder, citing the role was “real flagrant”. The actor said, “It was a lot of stuff, and I was like ‘I can’t do this.”’

When asked if he could play a gay role, he responded with a flat out “no”.  He said he would not be able to “dive into that role 100%” because of “insecurities [he] held within [himself].” He also stated that thinking about what other people might think of him would keep him from fully delivering.

Some people may find Kevin’s “I love gay people” deposition a bit cumbersome, as he states he ultimately cannot play one right now. However, I will say that I think Hart’s comments may stem from the greater issue of heightened homophobia within the black community.  So yes, although his sentiments may not be as progressive as I, and many others would like them to be, they are his truth. Some people may like his comments to that of the racist white kid, who swears up and down he loves black people. And Kevin’s comments might hold those sentiments.

However, I don’t get the sense from the interview that Kevin is homophobic. As mentioned,  I think there may be some influence and fear stemming from the culture we live in. I will say if Bradley Cooper, Matthew McConaughey, Eric Dane and the slew of other straight men who have played gay roles in the past, can keep their drool worthy, hunk a hunk a burnin’ love man personas intact, Kevin you can too!  And I do hope you eventually change your mind about playing a gay role, because that is what the culture needs. We need a man like you who is able to surpass his insecurities and show that he is indeed confident in all his masculinity and sexuality, to push the culture forward. Might I add, it’s pretty damn sexy too!



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