Boss Talk with VH1’s Basketball Wives & Fashion Designer, Angel Brinks!

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If you don’t know who this chic icon is, then you’re missing out on a hard-working, fashion-forward #girlboss who’s all about her children and her business! Angel Brinks, also known as the Queen of Leggings and Couture Body Suits, is a mother of two beautiful children, a fashion designer, all while being on VH1’s hit TV show “Basketball Wives LA”. 

She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, but for all of you wondering out there, she is Armenian!

Her line, Angel Brinks Fashion started in 2010, and she hasn’t looked back since. Her clientele list runs deep, with fans of her brand ranging from celebrities such as Blac Chyna, Lil’ Kim, Ashanti, Trina, Draya and more!

Check out our exclusive interview with Angel below!


Angel Brinks by Patrick Mckenzie 3HerStyle: How did you get started in the fashion industry? When did you know that was your calling?


Angel Brinks: I grew up in the performing arts since I was three years old. I knew it was my calling a few times. For starters, I saved all my allowance money at the age of 10 and bought myself a cash register. I drew barcodes and taped them on all my clothing in my closet. I used our kitchen countertop as a register, and pretended to sell clothing to invisible customers (using monopoly money). I was in drama classes, choir, and on the dance squad. After school, I was enrolled in dance classes and acting classes. As I grew older, I did a few commercials, music videos, and some tv shows. My eyes were always fixated on fashion. I grew up watching Madonna, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears. I always had an eye for stage wear, the bling leotards, tights, bodysuits, sequins, glitter…. all the fun girly stuff! My final calling came when I realized there was a market for leggings and bodysuits, and not enough supply. I took a risk and launched my line, and never looked back!”


HerStyle: We know that being an entrepreneur is no easy job. How do you manage being a mother of two and running your business?

Angel Brinks: “I go all out for my business and children. It’s extremely difficult, but by no means do I handle it alone. I have a very skillful, and experienced staff. Education is extremely important for my children, and since I work I have a tutor who comes to my house three times a week to make sure my son gets one-on-one attention and help with all his educational needs. My son also is involved with basketball, and I feel the need to be there with him! I am very hands on with my company. From designing, to advertising, to modeling my clothing line, making appearances, filming, running my business/store daily, and my children, sometimes I don’t even know how I do it!”


HerStyle: If you had to pick, what would your favorite piece from your collection be so far?

Angel Brinks: “I can’t say that I have one! They’re all my little babies! It’s like having children, they’re all different but you love them all the same!”


HerStyle: Since you are a fashion designer we have to ask, what are three hottest trends for fall 2015?

Angel Brinks: “I would say olive/nude velvet/velour army colored outfits, fringes, and mesh like, loose fitted bodysuits and dresses.”




HerStyle: What is your inspiration behind your clothing line? Do you draw inspiration from any fashion icons?

Angel Brinks: “My love for fashion! I used to shop at stores always looking for a certain look. I hated not being able to find items that fit my body type. I always wished I could change or alter whatever I found in stores. So when you have ideas in your mind constantly, you realize there are many females who probably wish the same, and that’s when I knew I had to do something about it. My inspiration is women, and being able to have a clothing line where all my customers can choose to alter, or custom make something they think or know will work for their body type.”


HerStyle: How would you describe your personal style, and how much of your style ties in with your collection?

Angel Brinks:
“I am very different, and my style is unique. Although having a variety is a must, I always have to put my spin on all my designs, I can’t help it!”


HerStyle: How has being on Basketball Wives LA season four impacted your career for the better? Do you see yourself entering the television world again?

Angel Brinks: Being on the show has definitely introduced me to more people in the world that may not have known I existed. I’ve only been on TV since beginning of August, so I’m not sure if I’ve felt a very noticeable difference yet. Yes, absolutely, whether I join the cast next season or not, I will definitely enter the TV world again.”


Angel Brinks 8HerStyle: How did you form that “girl boss” mentality and really build your confidence as an entrepreneur?

 Angel Brinks: “I like to be in control and make things happen. You have to take charge of your own life. Nobody will do it for you better than you. To be a business owner, you have to be a boss, otherwise people will walk all over you. You have to believe in yourself, and your dream.”


HerStyle: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers who want to pursue their own clothing line, but aren’t very sure how to get started?

Angel Brinks: “I definitely would recommend going to design school, and really learning the ins and out of how the whole process works. You would also need to have a great vendor for materials. It’s one thing to know how to sketch, but not all clothing comes out exactly like sketches. It definitely takes money to get started (like any business) so be prepared. I would also recommend attending Magic Show in Las Vegas every year to get connected with vendors all over the world. Once you have your connections, your funds, and your amazing designs, you have just begun!”


HerStyle: What should we be on the lookout for from you in the future?  

Angel Brinks: “I am currently working on a baby clothing line that I’m really excited about. I love children! I also will be adding clutch bags to my collections. They will match outfits! I’m super excited! I have started working on my perfume, and I want it to be just right, so it’s taking a little bit of time, but I am determined to launch! I may also continue doing reality TV, you’ll just have to stay tuned!”


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