Boss Talk with Karen Spears of Let’s Vibe Network & Kareracter

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Karen Spears, 20, is a student, entrepreneur, and trailblazer hailing from the Southside of Chicago. She attends the University of Missouri majoring in Journalism with a concentration in Strategic Communications. Her personal mission is to help budding female entrepreneurs, self-starters, and go-getters reach their full potential through her creative and strategic skill set. Karen is actively fulfilling her purpose through her newly founded organization Let’s Vibe and creative studio Kareracter.

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HerStyle Media: What is the story behind The Korean Pears?

Karen Spears: “The Korean Pears is an art-lettering business I started in 2013, a couple months before my high school graduation. A good friend of mine gave me $16 to paint her favorite quote on a canvas for her future dorm room. I posted it to Instagram and before I knew it, orders started flooding in. I started getting so many requests that I began collecting $5 deposits to secure orders. I would issue receipts to my customers during homeroom and passing periods!”

HerStyle Media: How did you come up with that name for your brand?


Karen Spears: “The Korean Pears is a spin-off of my name Karen Spears. It  was actually a nickname given to me. It was cute, quirky, and it fit my image so I stuck with it.”


HerStyle Media: We know that you are a ‘Jack of All Trades’, but how did you know you were destined to follow your passion?


Karen Spears: “Growing up, I was always told capitalize on your talents. My talent is extremely, almost uncanningly neat and uniform penmanship. Since 2nd grade, I’ve always heard this from teachers and classmates. It wasn’t until my friend in high school actually paid me that I began to realize this was my calling.”


Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 11.48.13 AMHerStyle Media: How has it been as an entrepreneur for you? Many people want to start their own business, but only see the glamorous side of it.


Karen Spears: “I am proud to say that I do not have it all figured out. But in my little two years of working with my customers, I have learned a lot about what it means to be transparent with your customers, meeting those promised deadlines, and providing a quality product or service.”

HerStyle Media: Tell us a little bit about “Let’s Vibe”. What is the central mission for the network?

Karen Spears:Let’s Vibe is a organization for diverse millennial women that aim to actualize their business and entrepreneurial goals with the help of the powerful women in our network. Our org is composed of 3 types of women: the entrepreneur, the initiator, and the thought leader. Each woman is dynamic and stands for something much greater than themselves. Let’s Vibe serves as a platform for them to connect and build meaningful relationships in pursuit of their goals.”

HerStyle Media: Where do you see yourself, The Korean Pears, and Let’s Vibe in five years?

Karen Spears: “The Korean Pears was a freelance art lettering business that I’ve decided to place on the back burner for now. TKP will always be open for art commissions and collaborations. But in the process of learning more about how I can scale my business and meet the demands of my clientele, I’ve decided to go into logo design and branding. In five years, I hope to be the reason behind the success stories of young entrepreneurs, self-starters, and go-getters.”

HerStyle Media: What is your definition of art, and how it relates to your dream career path?

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Karen Spears: “My artwork is purpose driven.”

HerStyle Media: Being an entrepreneur and artist takes a lot of passion, persistence and creativity. What key advice do you have for people who want to pursue their dreams, but aren’t sure how to stay consistent?

Karen Spears: “Just start… The earlier you start, the faster you’re able to learn from your mistakes. Trial and error goes hand and hand with starting your own.

…but, start small: You can’t do everything at once. So, break down your task down and work toward them everyday.”

Take notes:  Whether it’s through my email digest from or, I’m always inspired by other women.

Creativity is a thing that just comes to me. So I take advantage of the notes app on my iPhone. When I think of something new, I jot it down. That keeps my mind fresh and my creative juices flowing.

Fuel:  An effective entrepreneur is composed of two very important things:  self-discipline and coffee.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 11.48.04 AMHerStyle Media: As you know, we like to get our readers up to speed with the latest fashion trends! What is your current favorite trend this summer?

Karen Spears: “Everything that you see on my “Leather Goodz” board on Pinterest. But I’m particularly in love with the raw leather purse sacks. ”


Connect with Karen:

Instagram:  @kareracter

Pinterest: Kare at Kareracter

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