Boss Talk with Fitness Inspiration & Personal Trainer Qimmah Russo

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Are you looking for motivation to stay on your fitness journey, but aren’t sure where exactly you should turn? Look no further! Just by following social media fitness inspiration and personal trainer, Qimmah Russo, you’re ready to tackle obstacles to reach your dream body and heathy lifestyle. Located in Los Angeles, CA, Qimmah dedicates her time to motivate and train her clients to reach their full potential during their fitness journey — all while being a college student and a business owner!


We were able to chat with Qimmah about her impact on the fitness world, and snag a few tips to help get your abs lean and mean leading up to the New Year!

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HerStyle: How did you get started in the fitness industry?



Qimmah: “I have been an athlete all my life. I played several sports, and due to me being a full throttle athlete I always maintained good health and a fit body so I could always compete at the highest level.”



HerStyle: When did you know that personal training was your field of choice?



Qimmah: “When I realized it was fun to be strong and I could use my physical strength to bring me joy and happiness by taking care of it in every way and sharing my secret with others.”



HerStyle: When did you get started with QFlex? What was the motivation behind it?



Qimmah: “It’s been a few years since I started Q-flex. I (Q) intend to help as many people as possible flex their muscle, their hearts and their drive to be healthy and fit for the love of self to enrich their quality of life.”

HerStyle: How does it feel to see the impact and expansion of QFlex over the past year(s)?



Qimmah: “It feels incredible and it has only just begun.”


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HerStyle: Will you be expanding QFlex to different cities/states in the future?



Qimmah: “Yes, if that is where my life takes me, absolutely. The plan is to help as many people as possible.”



HerStyle: What would you say are the best fitness tips for women who want to strengthen their core area?



Qimmah: “Flex as much as possible and lay off the carbs and carbonated drinks and make sure you are cleansing the body of toxins and waste regularly or at least from time to time.”



HerStyle: How important is your diet when it comes to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle?


Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 9.56.02 AMQimmah: “It’s a major part of it, but it varies from person to person depending on their metabolism and how their body responds to certain foods.”



HerStyle: What advice do you have for women who have a hard time staying on their fitness journey?



Qimmah: “Keep a picture of your dream body close to you at all times, and when you feel weak look at it and make a choice.”



HerStyle: We know that being an entrepreneur is tough. How do you balance your day-to-day life and your brand/business?



Qimmah: “I have an amazing manager! I always spend time and stay close to my family. I also play with my kittens a lot. I meditate and pray daily.  I always make sure I get outside and stay active with friends regularly. I have no complaints about anything because my life is the absolute best. I’m very GRATEFUL. Your life is what you make of it. My life gets pretty hectic sometimes, but because I always follow my heart and remain grateful for every breath I take, I stay balanced and grounded.”



HerStyle: Who is your fitness inspiration?



Qimmah: “The creator within me is where I draw my inspiration from, but also I get it from the people I help when I see them reach their goals and when I see they are inspired by me to improve their lives. It’s the absolute best feeling in the world. If you want to join me on my fitness journey please go check me out on Instagram @QIMMAHRUSSO


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“Thank you so much for asking me to share this to your viewers, it was a lot of fun!” — @QimmahRusso
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