Boss Talk with Graphic Designer & Blogger, Brittney Au

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Sometimes in your twenties you’re still trying to figure it out, and other times you reach a point where you know exactly what your calling might be. We had a chance to chat with Brittney Au, graphic designer and lifestyle blogger, about career, life and just balancing it all. She recently celebrated her 25th birthday, and her accomplishments thus far are beyond amazing! We were so taken back by her creativity as a designer and blogger, that we couldn’t wait to share this Boss Talk with you guys.

Read more about our chit chat with Brittney Au below!


13246166_10156941306330652_1090069776571347095_oOn Entering The Graphic Design World

“When I was younger, I was always drawn to the more creative side of things. All throughout school, I excelled in art, English and history, versus being good at math or science. I didn’t know what I could do to make art a real living until I took my first graphic design class in high school and realized there was a need for designers, especially in a world that is so visual.”


On Her Favorite Way To Stay Focused

“Honestly it really depends. I do enjoy working in groups sometimes, but other times I really appreciate solitude so I can focus on one thing. I think being around others can motivate you and open your eyes to things you might not have seen before though. It’s nice to work around people who have the same end goals and who can give you their critiques on projects you’re working on, to get an outside perspective.”


On Staying Inspired & Motivated To Create

“I just look at what’s around me! The world is inspiring in itself. I love to travel and I think that definitely inspires me to create more, whether it be in design or for my Youtube channel. Going out of my comfort zone and exploring somewhere new always sparks creativity.”


On Why She Started Her YouTube Channel

“It’s funny – I consistently made videos when I was younger, but life got in the way so I stopped. Then recently after I started traveling more and creating more content for my Instagram, I got inspired to make videos again. I’ve been creating a lot of travel vlogs and I have a bunch of ideas for more lookbooks and makeup videos. Originally I just wanted to show people my style and how I did makeup for people with my similar eye shape, but now I think the motivation is showing people a more personal side of me.”


Favorite Fall Trend(s)

“I’m really loving suede right now!! Suede has always been perfect for fall, but I feel like I’m seeing it a lot more and in more colors than just the typical black and tan suede like before.”


Icons & Influencers Who Motivate Her

“I do! Most of them are my other blogger/influencer friends–whether it be for food, fashion or lifestyle, I love that everyone has their own different and distinct aesthetics, and they all create such beautiful content.”

Favorite Design Project So Far & Dream Project

“I love my restaurant project Katto. Katto is a Japanese tapas nose-to-tail restaurant that specializes in kurobuta pork. The “sliced” graphic motif in the branding refers to “katto”, which means “cut” in Japanese, and reflects both a graphic dynamic and honest reflection of the butchery involved in nose-to-tail cuisine. It was just a restaurant concept that I thought of, but I had so much fun designing it. The project can be viewed on my website:”

“Oh man, that’s a tough question because there is still so much I would love to do! Probably either a big rebrand, a restaurant concept from the logo to the menu and interior space, or design for a fun cosmetics brand. I would just love to start from scratch and build something with lots of creative freedom.”


On Balancing Her YouTube Channel & Her Graphic Design Work

“It’s definitely a struggle sometimes because both take so much focus, time and energy. Right now because I’m a freelancer, I have time to work on my channel when I’m waiting for feedback from a client. Sometimes when I’m taking a break from work, I like to edit my videos because I get to look back at my old clips and create a story while still being creative. I actually find editing fun and therapeutic at times!”


On Shift In Male-Dominate Graphic Design Industry

“I definitely see a shift. Even in school, I would always learn about mostly male graphic designers and rarely ever hear about women, but I think women designers like Paula Scher, Jessica Walsh, and Jessica Hische have inspired a whole new generation of female designers. They’re doing such exciting things with design, using different mediums and exploring new technology.”


Advice For Aspiring Women Graphic Designers

“My best advice would be to start designing things that you’re passionate about. Those always turn out to be my best projects. Always stay true to yourself and never second-guess yourself.”


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