Boss Talk with Fashion Blogger Elaine Daneshrad!

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HerStyle: Tell our readers who Elaine Daneshrad is.

ED: “I’m born and raised in Los Angeles, so I’m very much a Cali girl. I’m a younger sister so definitely the baby of the family.  I’m a new mommy to our puppy Teddie (which I’m really proud of). And I’d like to believe that I’m a fun, energetic, and carefree girl to which I translate that over into my style and fashion.”

 HerStyle: What sparked your passion for fashion?

ED: “Ever since I was younger, I was always intrigued with this idea that people can create unique and different outfits with some imagination. I would always pull my favorite looks from editorials in magazines and put them on this inspiration bulletin board I had in my room and look to it as inspirations for how to come up with new and unique outfits for an affordable price.”

HerStyle: Who inspires you in the fashion industry or even in the blogging industry?

ED: “There are people I look up to in the fashion industry like Nicole Richie or bloggers like Sincerely Jules and Song of Style that I love. But actually, the people that inspire me the most are those that I just see around me everyday. I love observing the looks of people that pass by me on the streets and paying attention to the way stores style and put outfits together on mannequins—I feel like they inspire me with fresh looks or unique takes on outfit pairings that I may not have thought about before.”

HerStyle: Describe to our readers what your blog, Fashionlaine, is all about?

ED: “Fashionlaine was created to share with people my style and take on popular trends and clothes while showing that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it. I’m also very into pop culture so my blog is also dedicated to covering events and interviewing some of my favorite celebrities and fashionistas. The main takeaway I want people to get from my blog though is this sense of inspiration whether it be my from clothes and style or with the stories and interviews I feature of others; Fashionlaine is really dedicated to encouraging and inspiring people to be whoever or whatever they want to be with pride and confidence.”


HerStyle: What’s a day in the life of Elaine? How do you manage being a fashion blogger with such a huge fan base?

ED: “Every day is different depending on what I have going on for the week! I’m very involved with every piece and aspect of my website so I’m always working on updating the content, brainstorming ideas for future posts, taking photos, and so forth. And in between that, I make it out to fashion events around town and share little glimpses into my everyday life with my followers through forums like Instagram. I love being able to share my life with others so everyday becomes an exciting and new moment for me!”


HerStyle: What are some summer trends that you have for our readers leading into the hot weather?

ED: “I’m really into florals for this summer (because how can you ever really go wrong with that right?). But this summer, I think with florals are coming back in a unique way because I think it’s all about pairing floral pieces together i.e. matching a good floral crop top with shorts or a skirt or a pant suit combination.”


HerStyle: If you didn’t go the route of being a fashion blogger, what other route do you think you would have chosen?

ED: “It’s funny because I feel like I’ve actually already tried so many things! In college I was studying medicine as well as took the LSAT to go to Law School. I worked in PR and Events for almost three years after that and now am doing this blog! I’ve always had an interest in things like Photoshop and InDesign (which I incorporate into my blog currently) so I think if I wasn’t doing this blog, I would have focused more on trying to get into graphic design.”


HerStyle: What is your top favorite accessory, and why?

ED: “Everyone that knows me knows that I’m a sucker for headbands. I think they add a little extra charm and personality to an outfit and make you stand out. They have definitely become my signature piece.”


HerStyle: What do you feel inspires people the most about your blog?

ED: “I’m very passionate about making my blog a forum of inspiration for others to be motivated to go out there and do something in this world that they love. It took me a while to get to doing what I am doing today and especially since this is something that is not necessarily a typical occupation. So I think people look to that as a source of inspiration and a real-life example of someone being able to do something that they are passionate about. ”


HerStyle: What is some advice you have for our readers who want to take charge, and become an empowering fashion blogger, but don’t know how to start?


ED: “I would encourage people to figure out what they want their blog to be about and what they want their underlying message to be. Starting my blog, right off the bat I knew that I wanted the main aspect of it to be a form of inspiration for others to not be afraid to be “unique” or “different”. So from that, I built off of everything else and created this whole blog and voice. As long as people believe in their message, their voice, and what they have to say, it doesn’t matter if you’re affecting one person or one million people, you can be empowering in your own right!”




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