Boss Talk with Chiara G., creator of iGoalDig!

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It’s very rare that you find a hard working woman who just wants to inspire those around her! When I heard of the brand “iGoalDig” I set out to find more about it, and I was very happy to see someone bringing ladies together, and showing them that achieving their dreams are far from impossible. Meet Chiara G, a 25-year-old #HustlerInHeels who is the founder and creator of iGoalDig,”a movement for women who are about their business and striving hard to reach their goals…”

Although Chiara is currently based in Atlanta, GA, I was able to catch up with her, and chat about her inspirational brand!



HerStyle Media: Give our readers some insight about yourself?


CG: “I’m a young professional business woman who strives to live with a purpose. My biggest purpose is to inspire others with my story! I stepped out on faith to become an entrepreneur when I was 23-years-old. I had a great corporate job with a fortune 10 company, and knew my calling was bigger than working for someone else so I strategically made a plan that would comfortably transition me into the lifestyle I wanted for myself.”


HerStyle Media: How did you get started with iGoalDig? What sparked the inspiration you had to create a growing and successful company?


CG: “I got started with iGoalDig back in October 2012. I really am motivated to inspire others and set standards for women to be empowered. I knew that the best vehicle to advertise what I was trying to do was t-shirts! Put my ideas and inspiration on a shirt!”


HerStyle Media: How did you come up with the name “iGoalDig”? How did you know this was the perfect name for your brand?


CG: “I thought really hard on what would be a catchy name for what I was trying to put out there. Nothing came to mind for a very long time until I looked at an old post that says “goal digger”… I then knew that word was a perfect description of who I am, but that term was so over saturated and also being used so I have to put a spin on it. I literally was sitting one day and “iGoalDig” popped in my head! It’s what I do… i Goal Dig.”


HerStyle Media: Being a super mommy to your daughter, running your own business, along with other things, what advice do you have for our readers about key ways to balance a busy schedule?


“I’m honestly not the best organizer, but I somehow manage to figure it out. I would encourage people to write whatever it is that needs to be done on paper. Seriously, it sounds old fashion, but it works! Being a mom and business owner, I am always busy so I HAVE to have some kind of reminder of what needs to be done and the priority of which I need to fulfill it!”


HerStyle Media: As you know, we are a fashion and beauty blog, what is your favorite style or trend to rock when you’re handling business?


CG: “I’m a more classy, but chic type of girl! I like to keep it professional, but add a little style to it. No more business suits for me. I threw those away when I left corporate America! I wear what I want, but keep it tasteful and unique to my style!”


HerStyle Media: Where do you see iGoalDig in the next 5 years?


CG: “I’ve already done some expanding to the brand such as adding business packages. These packages are available to anyone who needs assistance starting the basics to a small business. I’ve got it covered. Eventually, I want to add more workshops and seminars which I’ve already done a few. Possible in 5 years, iGoalDig will be a worldwide business force.”


HerStyle Media: I know starting your own company can be tough at times, what is some advice that you have for girls who are aspiring to start their own business, but don’t quite know what steps to take?


CG: “Do research. It’s so imperative that you know exactly what it is you’re getting into. It really baffles me how people want to start business, but have done ZERO research on how to get started or anything. Asking questions and research is the biggest key! But don’t ask unless you’ve already researched.”


HerStyle Media: I know that you and Demi Lobo hosted the ShePreneur event not too long ago, but are there any other key events coming up that our readers should know about?


CG: “We have a few things we are working on, but no solid dates or anything as of now. Stay tuned!”


HerStyle Media: What other projects are you working on outside of iGoalDig?


CG: “I’m working on something that I haven’t even told anyone my biggest dream is! I can’t really say, but it’s in the works and I plan to launch by 2016. “


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