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HerStyle: How old were you when you first entered the modeling industry?



CN: “I was in my first fashion show at the tender age of 7, but didn’t begin modeling full time until graduating college.  My dad barely entertained anything that had to do with me modeling; he felt it would distract me from my schoolwork.  He wouldn’t even let me get a job my first few years of college because he wanted me to remain focused.  My sophomore year I snuck and got a job I really didn’t need at Abercrombie & Fitch (lol). He told me once I received my degree I can pursue whatever I wanted, now he supports my modeling 100%.”



HerStyle: When did you know that modeling was your calling and passion?



CN: “I’ve known my entire life it was something I wanted to pursue but never really had the resources to do so.  My parents divorced when I was really young and I grew up living with my dad who knew nothing of the industry, he was a basketball and baseball coach and was all about sports so I was all about sports, I was a little bit of a tom boy by default (lol).  My mom took me to a few things when I was too young to remember and a few things when I was in grade school but as I got older and was able to seize opportunities on my own, I began to realize my modeling aspirations were actually attainable, especially after being picked out of over 10,000 girls to be a part of the cast for America’s Next Top Model cycle 19.”



HerStyle: Who inspires you in the modeling industry?



CN: “Of course Tyra Banks is my number one inspiration, as she should be.  The empire she’s built from her career and the heights she’s reached, talk shows, modeling competitions, art exhibits, teen camps, charities, production companies, its all a pinnacle all models hope they can reach.  She disproves the stereotype that being a model is only about being pretty or being the center of attention.  Take a look at the general definition for model, “A representation, standard or example for imitation or comparison”, being a model is being someone one aspires to be like, so that’s my goal.  Especially with having 8 brothers and sisters, most of which are younger and look up to me, I need to make sure I’m setting the appropriate example and taking my career down the appropriate path.  My step mom told me every day on my way to school “make good decisions”.  I probably rolled my eyes and said ok ok ok, not really thinking about it but now on a day-to-day basis, I really do try to make the best decisions possible.  That might mean turning down a few good paying jobs but no monetary value is worth compromising my image.  Another model that inspires me is Chanel Iman, I love that she’s a Victoria’s secret PINK girl, I would absolutely LOVE the opportunity to be a VS Angel one day.  The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is my favorite fashion show of ALL TIME! (Kanye Voice).  I also like her relevance in the black community and her versatility, she easily transitions between commercial and high fashion, something I’m working on mastering myself.  Other models that inspire me are Georgie May Jagger, Coco Rocha, Joan Smalls, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova, Karlie Kloss and of course Naomi Campbell.”



HerStyle: What shoot have you done that you’re most proud of?



CN: “I don’t think there’s a specific shoot that I’m most proud of simply because every time I complete a job, I think it’s the best thing I’ve done, and I think that’s how it should be.  If what you’re doing isn’t better than the last thing you’ve done, you’re not getting better; you’re not doing something right.  However, I am proud of the diversity of my work in itself.  My work ranges from feature films, to reality TV, to music videos, to short creative films, to sizzle reels, to TV shows, to fashion shows, to print work and the list goes on, and I strive to continue expanding the diversity of my work and refuse to be another type casted model.”



HerStyle: If you couldn’t go into modeling what else could you see yourself doing?



CN: “If I couldn’t pursue modeling I would more than likely put my degree to use, that’s the good thing about getting an education, if your plan A doesn’t work out there’s always plan B.  However in my case, the modeling/entertainment industry is my plan A-Z.  In my opinion you never pursue your dream to your full potential when you know you have something to fall back on, it’s like a safety net.  You have to perform as if there is no safety net to catch you when you fall, that way you won’t fall.”



HerStyle: Where do you see your career in the next 5 years?



CN: “In the next five years its hard to say where I see myself.  Location wise, I like California and it’s a great platform to really get my foot in the door, and a beautiful location for a home away from home, but I honestly don’t see myself being here in five years.  I’m hoping to have made enough connections and establish myself well enough to pursue my career from whatever location I choose.  I see myself being able to travel with my career and use it to explore new places instead of being confined to one location.  I’m also hoping my career will allow me the privilege to include my family and friends when experiencing these new opportunities.  Career wise, I see myself getting more into the commercial side of modeling and a little bit of acting as well.  I also have a few business endeavors of my own that I would like to be in the works five years from now.  I just can’t picture myself working for someone else the rest of my life, even though my career isn’t your typical 9 to 5 I just can’t picture my means, my actions, my day to day life being determined by someone else.”



HerStyle: What advice do you have for aspiring models who might not know where to start or even how?



CN: “My advice would be to grasp every single opportunity that comes your way.  It might sound cliché’ but practice makes perfect.  Look up opportunities in your area, network, reach out to people, search the internet for castings, go to agencies, look up photographers do everything you possibly can to get as much experience as you can.  Just because it’s not a paid job doesn’t mean it isn’t beneficial to you, starting off you’re going to do a lot of free work, it’s inevitable, I guess you can call it paying your dues, but it gives you the experience and the drive you need to be better.  And don’t get discouraged when you’re told no, you’re going to hear that A LOT in this industry, you’re also going to hear a lot worse than simply no, and sometimes you won’t hear back from someone at all.  You have to develop a thick skin and know if you weren’t chosen for something it wasn’t because you’re bad it’s because you’re not what they’re looking for, but someone somewhere is looking for you.  Keep the positive people in your corner, my mommy (yes I still say mommy) is someone I know will support me no matter what decisions I make, but of course she’ll let me know if I’m making a bad one.  I can bounce ideas off of her and get her advice when making decisions to accept a job or not.  You need people in your life that you know have your best interest at heart, keep them close, don’t take them for granted and don’t do anything to compromise your relationship with them.  There will be times when you feel like you don’t have anyone and you’re going to need him or her to be there and it won’t be a pleasant feeling reaching out for him or her and they’re gone.  Don’t lose sight of your dream and your goal, stay focused, stay hungry and use your negative experiences to propel you forward and make you want it that much more.”



HerStyle: How was your experience on America’s Next Top Model? What was it like being with super model Tyra Banks?



CN: “ANTM was an experience to say the least, it definitely wasn’t what I expected.  I was surprised by a lot of aspects of the show, behind the scenes etc but it was overall a positive experience.  It taught me a lot about myself and it also taught me a lot about perception vs. reality.  Working with Tyra Banks was something I’ll never forget, not many people can say they’ve worked with one of the most inspiring people of their lives and not only was I given the opportunity to work with her, but to be a a part of her dream, one of the most successful TV shows to date.”


HerStyle: What current shoots have you done, and with whom?



CN: “I’ve done a lot of fun and exciting things lately but unfortunately, most professional jobs require that you sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement), agreeing that you won’t release the details of the project, and most times it take a little while before the project gets released.  Sometimes the project even gets completely trashed and they go back to the drawing board, so all I can say is stay tuned!”


HerStyle: What is it like being a Ciroc Girl, and being able to attend events that people dream of?


CN: “Being a CIROC girl is definitely fun, it’s not as glamorous as it may look, there’s a lot of chaos that goes on behind the scenes, but of course it’s definitely worth it.  Working with my promo company I was chosen to be a part of a special event team and I do get to work events that your typical promo model wouldn’t be allowed, such as Diddy events and parties.  It’s a different world and a different level of stress compared to a normal event or even compared to my regular fashion/commercial modeling.  Being a CIROC girl and a representation of Diddy, his brand and his team, you’re held to a higher standard and they expect nothing less than you to exceed that, especially when he’s present.  Again, it’s more than just showing up and looking good, when him and his team are around you better know every fact ever known about CIROC since its existence (lol).  At his events we follow a very strict schedule, appearance code, run of show etc, with NO room for mistakes, but again, it’s all worth it for the goal that we accomplish.”

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