How to avoid dry, itchy skin this Winter!

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There’s no doubt about it, winter is upon us and if you’re anything like me you cringe at the thought of what winter weather can do to your skin!  There’s no secret that cold weather can cause dry, itchy and sometimes flaky skin. Here are some tips to avoid becoming a victim to winter time skin.
The cause: After doing some research, I’ve found that dry skin in the colder seasons can be caused by a bunch of different factors. One of the most unexpected causes could be the heating system in your home. Although it’s keeping you warm and toasty during the winter months it could also be drying to your skin out. The more obvious reasons include the exposure to cold winds and low humidity we experience in the winter.


How to fix it:
  • If you don’t already, applying lotion everyday is a must! Showering and bathing cleanses your body of it’s natural oils. It’s important to apply lotion to the skin right after showering to replace the moisture.
  • Tip: Did you know your lotion is more effective if you apply it while your skin is still damp?
  • Consider changing your moisturizer. The lotions and creams you use may work fine in warmer months but you may need something more effective for the winter. Try using an oil-based moisturizer but be careful with these moisturizers on the face.
  • Plug in that humidifier. This will increase the humidity in your home and help to reverse some of the effects of the winter air.
  • Shorten hot showers and baths. As relaxing as they can be, they can actually break down the moisture barrier in your skin and cause dryness. If you must indulge in a long hot shower or bath, I suggest you take it at night that way you moisture barrier and natural oils have time to repair itself while you sleep before you go out in the harsh winter weather the next day.
  • Bundle Up. The more exposed your skin is the worse the effects the cold will have on it.
  • Last, but not least drink plenty of water! Water has countless benefits for the body including healthy skin.
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