5 ways to make your mornings productive!

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I know mornings can be a total bust, especially when you didn’t get any sleep! Since I can definitely understand how hard it is to be a morning person, here are my top five ways to make sure I make the best out of my mornings.

1. Set out your outfit the night before — If you’re anything like me you wake up frustrated that you can’t find anything to wear for the day. By setting out your outfit the night before, you’ll already know what you’re planning to wear. This will give you at least 15 extra minutes to do other things!

2. Make a task list that focuses you to get an early start — I started making notes in my planner of what needs to be done for the week. If I know that my tasks aren’t completed, that gives me enough energy to wake up and get moving, and not click the snooze button.

3. Get a workout in — So I’ve read studies that if you workout or run in the mornings you’ll have more energy throughout the day! I plan to try this to see if it’s true…I’ll let you know how that goes!

4. Play your favorite jams — Listening to Jhene Aiko, Sam Smith, Chris Brown or any other soothing music definitely puts me in a better mood to want to conquer the day. Create a playlist that wakes you up!

5. Remember that you’ve come a long way, but you’re work is not done yet — Remaining ambitious about your goals and dreams should always keep you motivated. I constantly remind myself that I have more hurdles to jump before I can relax and rest.



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