5 Makeup Hacks For A Flawless Look!

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If there’s a will there’s a way! Check out these makeup hacks that will change how you do your makeup for the better!


Double the Glue the Longer the Stay

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If you struggle with keeping lashes on throughout the day then this hack is perfect for you! Instead of applying one layer of glue to lashes let the first layer semi dry then apply another layer. This hack is especially great for newer lashes because the double layer of glue will help mend to the shape of your eye better!

Two for One Eyeshadow

So instead of spending even more money on a contouring kit , invest in a eyeshadow palette with similar colors and use the eyeshadow to contour your face! It’s a cheaper and efficient way to contour and get an amazing smoky eye at the same time.


Cleaning Brushes To Use Twice

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Sometimes when you only have one brush , for example a eyeshadow brushes, and you want to use different colors with that brush. An easy hack to clean the brush is taking a small strip of tape and dabbing the hairs of brush along the sticky part to remove the makeup. You can then use a different color with the same brush.


Matching Lips and Eyes

Ever have a lipstick color that you adore so much and wish you could have it elsewhere on your face? Well all you have to do is take a liquid eyeliner brush swab it against your lipstick and use it as an eyeliner. It’s a dynamic duo forced to be reckoned with!


Eye Cream Repair or Vaseline

Applying eyeliner is one of the most challenging things women face in the beauty industry! Messing up your eyeliner application is not a problem with this hack. Take any type of eye repair cream or vaseline, dab a little on a cotton swab and use it to fix any mistake with your eyeliner. The liner will come off very easily and you won’t have to start from scratch. FYI vaseline is a great makeup remover in general!

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