5 Hair Hacks For Healthier Hair

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Ladies, we all know how time consuming and irritable it can be to find that perfect technique, method or product to achieve healthy hair. Hopefully this article can put your mind and wallets to rest with these easy and affordable hair hacks!


Scalp Massagers   

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Now, I know what your thinking: “how is a scalp massager going to give me longer, fuller and healthier hair?” Scalp massagers have proven to help promote hair growth, while also relinquishing your hair from product build up and dandruff! Most beauty gurus would recommend using it in the shower to exfoliate hair follicles and increase blood circulation ultimately leading to healthy hair!


The Thicker The Conditioner The Better

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Conditioner in general is a life saver. They help relax and tame the hair for an easy comb through. If you find yourself going through half a bottle in one use because of the thin texture then you should add caster oil to your conditioner to thicken it up! It’s totally healthy for your hair and leaves you with more conditioner use.


The Comb Through Method

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This method has grown increasingly popular and results to be shown are flawless. Ladies, when you flat iron hair your results for a smoother and sleeker look will be increased by using a rat tail comb or a soft bristle brush to run over your hair followed directly by the flat iron. This method cause an better distribution of heat to the section hair.



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Depending on the type of hair you have washing your hair every week or so with shampoos can be harsh to hair follicles because of sulfates. Co- washing is a great method to clean, detangle and preserve natural oils of hair. All you have to do is basically wash your hair with conditioner or purchase a co-wash!  


Satin Scarfs All The Way

via www.curlynikki.com

via www.curlynikki.com

It’s really important that you take note of the type of material your scarf is made of. Just think every time you lay your edges you put a scarf on, some scarfs have materials that can be rough on hair therefore causing friction to your edges. Satin scarfs help lay the hair flat and retain oils and moisture for a healthier look. They’re also super comfy to sleep in!

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