10/31 Again? Our All Time Favorite Halloween Looks!

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Halloween is upon us! Ever since I was a little girl I had a love/hate relationship with Halloween. It may be because I somehow always ended up on punishment right before Halloween in grammar school, and throughout high school I can’t vividly remember ever dressing up, or maybe that I’m not too fond of anything scary. Now, in my adult years I’ve always been otherwise occupied on Halloween, only bothering to enjoy the night indoors, not dress up and go outside.

Even though that was never really my thing to indulge in, I did always enjoy seeing how above and beyond people go with their costumes and how much fun they have! One group of people that we can count on year after year to put on a show and amuse us with their costumes, are celebrities. Some celebrities keep the theme and go for something gory or scary, some get luxurious with gems and fabrics, some get with the girls and twin it out, and some just get their bae and do a couple costume. I’ve put together some celebrity costumes that caught my eye.


Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon as Milk and Cookies in 2008


I think the fact that those are real cookies on Mariah, and Nick is actually a walking milk carton sold me on this one. It was too cute. Plus those are my favorite cookies!


Lauren Conrad as Mary Poppins in 2012


Until I saw her, I had never seen anyone dress up as Mary Poppins! It is such a simple idea, you basically just need to own basic clothing pieces and an umbrella.  


Russell Simmons as Rev Run in 2012


How funny is he for dressing up as his brother! Another costume you don’t even realize you have around. I may have to try this one myself!


Tyra Banks as Kim Kardashian in 2009


Tyra Banks is so funny. She stays with the jokes! This one was hilarious on her show. If you own a fitted dress, a little makeup and a black wig you’re good to go as Kim K.


Selita Ebanks as The Devil in 2009


If I had to look at the devil, she would definitely be the only option. She made this look really good.


Rihanna with her friends as Ninja Turtles in 2014


Even though I know Rihanna slays, this one still caught me off guard! Ninja Turtles with a shell and everything!


Keri Hilson and her husband Serge Ibaka Pharaoh Akhenatan and Queen Nefertiti in 2014


If you’re going to try and do a couple costume after Keri and Serge killed this, you better come with it. They’re both literally glowing.

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